Wednesday, March 2, 2016

wmiprvse.exe windows 7 high cpu usage Error? Fix it immediately

WmiPrvSE is a Windows Host Management Process which is used by the Developers for Monitoring Purposes. If you are reading this post, you may come across wmi provider host high cpu usage windows 7. When this problem occurs, your PC cpu may be flare up to about 30% or even more. What should you do?

In order to get rid of this issue, follow the steps below:

Please try the below tips to troubleshoot wmiprvse.exe high cpu problem:

a.Open command prompt with elevated privileges

b.Run following command: sc config winmgmt type= own

c.Restart Wmi service

d.Run sc query winmgmt to ensure status of service now reflects “own” indicating running in its own svchost process

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Get Rid of wmiprvse.exe high cpu windows 7 64 bit Issues Now!

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